Tokenised Indexes and Index Tokens

Transparent, Self-Custodial and Fully Collateralised

Tokenised indexes are curated sets of cryptocurrencies and tokenised real-world assets (RWAs) that provide users with broad market exposure to the new token economy. Each index contains a unique set of tokens that adhere to a specific market strategy and methodology, supported by robust risk management drawing on established best practices.

Upon depositing tokens into an index, users obtain index tokens as a representation of their stake in the underlying index. Index tokens are fully collateralised and has a value that corresponds to the asset basked held inside the vault. The quantity of index tokens received when depositing is based on the user's deposit size, determined by real-time market information.

This process involves converting the deposited tokens into their corresponding index constituents, ensuring that each index token accurately reflects the combined value of the assets stored in the index. When users decide to redeem their deposited share, the index will correspondingly burn the relevant index tokens, reflecting the updated allocation of the assets basket.

With composable index tokens, users gain broad market diversification and the ability to themselves choose their own risk tolerance; either passively holding or deploying index tokens for additional DeFi opportunities.

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