EntryPoint is governed by the EntryDAO, a decentralised autonomous organisation, using a one-token-one-vote Cosmos SDK system of proposal making and voting that allows holders of the $ENTRY token to make collective decisions over the EntryPoint blockchain. EntryDAO operates a democratic system of semi-autonomous working groups to unlock specialisation and manage day-to-day activity, where the community serves as a board of directors with oversight on development and supervisory power over governance groups.

The EntryDAO operates seasonally, with working groups proposing budgets and setting quarterly targets, while the community actively evaluates progress, adjusts resources, and reviews ongoing working-group performance. Decision-making, from pre-proposal to on-chain voting, encourages active community participation, where proposals undergo an off-chain deliberation phase for refinement before being submitted for on-chain voting. This empowers the community to shape EntryPoint's governance and direction as the ultimate authority on its blockchain; promoting permissionless participation, communal ownership, and fair distribution models in line with the DAO’s overall mission.

To learn more about EntryPoint governance, see EntryPoint Governance: An overview as well as The EntryDAO Constitution.

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