The $ENTRY token


The EntryPoint governance token, known as $ENTRY, signifies membership to the EntryPoint community. As a holder of $ENTRY tokens, you are granted the opportunity of participating in the decision-making process concerning EntryPoint's management and operations, and are encouraged to actively engage with various proposals and vote on the platform's future direction.

EntryPoint's value proposition is founded on a mutually beneficial relationship between the $ENTRY token and the concerted efforts of its holders, with revenue generated from protocol fees off of index vaults going directly to the EntryPoint treasury. As part of the community that collectively owns and manages EntryPoint, token holders have a vested interest in its success, and are empowered to make collective decisions on how to allocate such resources.

There is thus clear incentive alignment in place to foster a vibrant and attractive community, working collectively together for the good of EntryPoint and its token holders.

More info on EntryPoint's tokenomics and how to acquire $ENTRY tokens will come closer to launch.

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