Welcome to EntryPoint!

Bridging Index Providers with Investors seeking diversified exposure to Crypto and RWAs

In essence, EntryPoint is a marketplace for investors to access passive cryptocurrency and real-world asset (RWA) indexes, and for asset index providers to offer their index strategies to an international audience.

For index providers, EntryPoint provides a secure and cost-effective solution to deploy DeFi indexes on-chain, with flexible and automated fee structure.

For retail and institutional investors, EntryPoint enable access to diversified, passive cryptocurrency and RWA indexes through both custodial and self-custodial asset management that is fully collateralised, trustless and transparently on-chain, providing secure asset ownership with minimal counterparty risk.

EntryPoint is built as a sovereign, application-specific Cosmos SDK blockchain with custom-built modules to facilitate seamless automated trading and provide broad-market indexes without the need for deep technical knowledge, time-consuming research, or a central authority to allocate assets, rebalance or implement redemptions.

The Simplicity of TradFi with All the Benefits of DeFi

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