Revenue model

How EntryPoint generates revenue

The on-chain capabilities of blockchain technology affords EP the possibilities to set up direct revenue streams to the community treasury from the index vaults that it collectively owns and manages. This gives the option for various types of participation fees, including streaming fees, entry and exit fees, possibly management and performance-related fees. The exact fee structures for each vault remain at the discretion of the community, and are determined by individual vault characteristics and management requirements, calculated annually and deducted on a block-by-block basis. By not relying on transaction fees for revenue, EntryPoint enjoys enhanced autonomy in how it generates and accrues value. A second source may come from maximal extractable value (MEV) that occurs on EP, which may be extracted to the community treasury once there is sufficient on-chain activity on EP. Future partnerships could be another potential option for additional revenue streams, assuming there is alignment and beneficial synergies for EP and its users.

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